Age of Consent & Statutory Rape Law in Oklahoma

Age of Consent & Statutory Rape Law in Oklahoma

A frequently expected question on the internet is something such as, “I’m X years of age. May I have intercourse with an individual who is Y years old? ”. The answer to this relevant concern calls for a glance at of Oklahoma’s chronilogical age of permission, incest, and rape laws and regulations.

Age of Consent in Oklahoma

The chronilogical age of permission in Oklahoma is 16. Consequently, its generally speaking legal for the 16-year-old to possess intercourse with anybody more than them. Intercourse between people that are 15-17 yrs old is usually legal. Many different exceptions make that intercourse illegal.

Statutory Rape in Oklahoma

21 O.S. § 1111 states that rape takes place when the target is fifteen yrs. Old or more youthful. Nevertheless, 21 O.S. § 1112 states that any particular one can’t be convicted of rape if the sex that is consensual with somebody over 14 unless the individual had been 18 years or older. 21 O.S. § 1111 also states that the sex that is following additionally unlawful:

  • Where in fact the target is underneath the custody that is legal direction of a situation agency, a federal agency, a county, a municipality or perhaps a governmental subdivision and partcipates in sexual activity with a situation, federal, county, municipal or political subdivision worker or a worker of a specialist of this state, the us government, a county, a municipality or a governmental subdivision that exercises authority on the target. Translation: No intercourse by federal federal government workers with a person who is underneath the custody of a government agency if that agency the employee works for workouts authority on the target.
  • Where in actuality the target are at minimum 16 yrs. Old and it is not as much as 20 years old and it is a pupil, or underneath the legal custody or direction of any general public or private primary or additional school, junior high or twelfth grade, or general public vocational college, and partcipates in sexual activity with an individual who is 18 years old or older and it is an worker for the exact same college system. Interpretation: a college worker that is 18 or older can’t have sexual intercourse with a student in that school that is same that is more youthful than 20.
  • Where in fact the target is 19 yrs. Old or more youthful and it is within the appropriate custody of a state agency, federal agency or tribal court and partcipates in sexual activity having a foster parent or foster parent applicant. Interpretation: Foster moms and dads can’t have intercourse along with their foster kiddies in the event that child that is foster 19 or more youthful.
  • Where in actuality the victim are at minimum 16 yrs. Old but not as much as 18 years old while the perpetrator associated with the criminal activity is someone accountable for the child’s wellness, security or welfare. “Person in charge of a child’s wellness, security or welfare” includes it is not restricted to:
    • A moms and dad,
    • A guardian that is legal
    • Custodian,
    • A foster moms and dad,
    • An individual 18 years of age or older with whom the child’s moms and dad cohabitates,
    • Every other adult surviving in the house associated with the youngster,
    • A realtor or worker of the general public or private home that is residential organization, center or time treatment plan, or
    • An owner, operator or employee of a young kid care center.

Incest in Oklahoma

Per 21 O.S. § 885, incest is unlawful. 43 O.S. § 2 outlines the parameters of who it will be unlawful to possess intercourse with. Intercourse between individuals of the following connection is unlawful:

  • Ancestors and descendants of every level,
  • A stepfather having a stepdaughter,
  • Stepmother with stepson,
  • Uncles and nieces, except in instances where relationship that is such just by wedding,
  • Aunts and nephews, except in instances where such relationship is just by wedding,
  • Friends and family associated with the half along with the blood that is whole and
  • Very first cousins.

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