Anderson transport treatments, LLC CHRISTIANSBURG, VA DMV IR # 506 ><>

Anderson transport treatments, LLC CHRISTIANSBURG, VA DMV IR # 506 ><>

Due to the Covid-19 Virus, we now have setup a see-through plastic protect involving the driver and people that includes an extra level of safeguards. Inside our vehicle you should have offered hand sanitizers, bottles , mints (sugar complimentary), gum (glucose cost-free), multiple sweets, facial cells, billing cords, trips games and now we have actually a DVD user to experience flicks or movie audio concerts. For your evening knowledge, we have inside LED light which includes numerous hues incorporating a great ambiance. We have clean and sanitized covers and pads.

All hotels come into the price of the ride.

You will have an appropriate, enjoyable, and relaxing journey experience with us.

NEMT & Suppress to Suppress Service

NEMT & Suppress to Control Service

NEMT & Control to Curb Solution

We offer a secure, compassionate as well as on time

Non-Emergency Hospital Transport

We also have Curb-to-Curb (Cab design) solution. The audience is offered to carry out brief or long distance journeys.

We also do shipments of

bundles promptly.

We need fantastic treatment for making positive our very own passengers’ transport requires become expertly found.

Mission Statement

NEMT & Suppress to Suppress Solution

Mission Report

Anderson Transport Solutions

Courteousness, Reliability, Trustworthiness, Dependability

We strive to supply absolutely the most useful transportation solution into the public in Southwest Virginia and close avenues.

We try to get excellence in supreme quality service and customer support. We also make an effort to guarantee the security, security and benefits of your clients through the duration of their particular trip.

Discounted Prices Available: Phone or Content

Common Cost: Call/Text for the Special Rates!

Touring by Planes, Train or Coach?

I’ve been hearing that people become lost their deviation times for aircraft, trains, and buses because they can’t find transport, particularly in the first mornings. Kindly know me as. I like early mornings and being promptly.


Here you will find the following prices for one-way or round-trip transportation:

Provider will charge the following costs for transport: notice, length fees all the way to $3.00 per distance might be applied for cross country pickups.

Added Pricing

These prices affect avenues within the New lake Valley / Southwest Virginia.

Minimal Charge $30.00 up to the very first five (5) miles

Distance $3.00 per mile

Wishing Time $7.50 per quarter-hour or fraction thereof, (.50 for each minute) at the direction for the passenger. This can include stops en-route.

These wait occasions charges could be applied at locations for example Airports, Train & coach programs, resort hotels, etc. whenever looking forward to pre-scheduled passenger(s) because delays after booked collect period.

Marked down Prices Obtainable: Name or Text for Quotation


Other Expenses

a) washing Charge: If, during the carrier’s reasonable opinion, any passenger(s) soils the car as to give it in an unpresentable situation for additional need, a maintaining fee of $300.00 can be evaluated against that traveler or people.

b) scratches cost: Vehicles is very carefully inspected by provider prior to each excursion. Any injury to seats, microsoft windows, or any other machines or parts of the vehicle, inside or outside, and that’s due to any passenger or guests will probably be the responsibility of the guests or passenger additionally the expenses towards the provider for all the repair works of these problems shall be paid from the passenger(s).

c) Tolls, Fees, and particular expenses: The charges here try not to include bridge, ferry, canal, or road tolls, entrance charge or prices for unique licenses or permits. Yet another fee are considered for actual cost of these tolls, fees, or unique fees.

d) no less than 10% service/ exchange charge is likely to be added to any fees compensated by mastercard, Venmo, funds App, Zelle, GPay, PayPal, or just about any other forms of exchange of payments. This rate may differ in line with the various financial service providers stated earlier. Note: these costs were a direct move across of those organization costs.

NOTICE: No private checks, bitcoin or other kinds of digital money shall be recognized but earnings was acceptable.

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