Message from our Daycare Manager, Jorge Tasin

I started working in La Oculta ten years ago. At that time I had the possibility of working with youth who were addicted to drugs. I had coordinated various projects in the past that involved direct assistance to drug dependent young people, but I had never experienced working in a place like the villa.

The first morning I experienced real fear as I got off the bus. I realized very quickly that if I was going to be able to help, the first one who needed to change, to learn, to listen, was me. I started by washing dishes, sweeping floors, serving tables, in silence, listening, learning. I did that for a whole year, and most of all during that year I observed, listened, thought, and tried to understand. Slowly, some of the people who live in La Oculta, started to recognize me, and together we built a sense of empathy, a relationship of confidence and fraternal friendship. This was achieved on a total horizontal basis, without hierarchies, without differences based on knowledge, money, culture, or anything else.

I learned not to deny my differences, to not mitigate the reality that I did not belong to the “barrio”. I learned not to idealize poverty (nor the poor) and not to politicize nor carry out any kind of proselytism. It is indeed possible to take some of the drama out on the basis of true hope rooted in truth, joy and love. By this I mean that Sueñitos is not a project of social transformation, but rather it is a place that seeks to contribute in a holistic way to the growth and development of the children and of their surroundings on the basis of true love and concern. We care about the children by name, and by extension we care about their parents, grandparents, aunt’s and uncles, and everybody that makes up their world.

We want to make an impact on their development. We want to leave a footprint of a loving stroke on the skin of their memory, an honest smile. Sueñitos should be a truly caring learning center, where each child is respected, is treated with joy and love. That is why we need to continue to grow, so that with additional resources we can truly offer a holistic service of love that covers all of their immediate needs. That is what Sueñitos (“Little Dreams”) is. That is our dream.