Exactly just What starts being an innocent communication between an English hack and a French-Canadian furniture restorer, quickly descends in to the seedy underworld of this French intercourse industry and individuals trafficking.

Exactly just What starts being an innocent communication between an English hack and a French-Canadian furniture restorer, quickly descends in to the seedy underworld of this French intercourse industry and individuals trafficking.

Okay people, right here’s the idea that is second had for a novel.

It’s called, ‘You Have 1 New buddy Request’.

Here’s the premise that is basic

Social networking romance, or facebook phishing scam that is elaborate?

Will Ted along with his child manage to save your self Natalie before she vanishes to the murky underworld that is french? Or perhaps is she merely a ruse to attract in their child?

Therefore, just like yesterday, really. When you yourself have the time for you to have a browse, I’d appreciate your feedback. And, it has potential whether you think. Additionally, I posted yesterday whether you prefer this idea to the one. Don’t ask for much, do we?

Your help is greatly valued.

You Have Got 1 Brand New Friend Request.

By David Milligan-Croft.


Ted ended up being scrolling through their Facebook news feed as he heard the ping of the notification and just a little red quantity ‘1’ appear within the ‘friends’ symbol. He clicked the couple that is silhouetted saw the small profile image of what appeared as if a breathtaking woman having a title he didn’t recognise. He straight away felt suspicion and curiosity in equal measure. He clicked in the profile of Natalie Marceau, when he saw an increased image their heart did a double beat.

She ended up being stunning. Model stunning. Movie star stunning. So just why had been she’ that is‘friending Ted – the average looking 40-something? He looked on her behalf profile page and she seemed to have approximately half a dozen buddies, every one of who seemed roughly the exact same age as him or even only a little older.

‘Probably phishing for old pervs,’ he thought to himself. ‘Then plead some sob story to extort money.’

She ended up being 25 yrs old, staying in Brittany, France. Initially from Montreal, Canada. He clicked in the photos header and ended up being aghast. Her auburn hair cascaded over her slender arms. Her blue eyes shone with a light emanating from her vivacity and her laugh ended up being luminescent with joy. As though she was almost unaware of the fact – or didn’t care whilst she was sensationally attractive, she had a natural air about her. Ted’s https://hookupdates.net/flingster-review/ hand slid within the track-pad of their MacBook, the cursor hovering throughout the decline or‘accept’ button. Deeply down, he knew this is a error. A scam. However the intimate in him could perhaps perhaps not resist. He clicked – Accept.

No sooner had he accepted Natalie’s buddy demand, a note starred in the talk symbol. Tentatively, he clicked the key.

Natalie Marceau: Coucou!

Ted exposed two pages of Google translate in their web browser. Someone to translate from French to English, one other from English to French. He cut and pasted the word to the text panel for interpretation: Coucou = Cuckoo or hello.

Perhaps perhaps Not being up on French colloquialisms, Ted decided on a far more reply that is formal.

Ted Miller: Bonjour.

He remembered just a little French from college and from different holiday breaks within the Southern of France yet not enough to keep a discussion. He might get by purchasing things in restaurants and resort hotels, however the issues started whenever anybody responded in French. They’d often speak much too quickly for him to grasp some of the key verbs.

The three dots produced revolution to represent that she had been typing. This was a ‘she’ at all if, in fact. Ted had visions of a Russian that is twenty-stone spot-welder in the vest and underpants right in front of the laptop computer because of the stump of the cigar going out regarding the part of his lips tapping away at his keyboard. That, or perhaps a banker that is nigerian Lagos guaranteeing to deposit ten dollars million bucks into their banking account for the paltry management cost of 200 dollars.

Natalie Marceau: Have You Been good?

‘That depends.’ Ted thought. ‘On whether you suggest, ‘am we a beneficial individual’ or ‘am I feeling fine?’ He opted for a reply towards the latter.

Ted Miller: i will be perfectly, many thanks for asking. Just just just How are you currently in sunny France?

‘I bet she’s impressed with my French.’

Natalie Marceau: i actually do perhaps perhaps perhaps not realize. You wish to understand if France has sunlight?

‘Shit,’ Ted clicked the ‘suggest alternative translation’ tab.

Ted Miller: Sorry, Bing translate. Most likely didn’t turn out too well. Do you realy speak English?

Natalie Marceau: Not much.

Ted Miller: Don’t you speak English in Canada?

Natalie Marceau: Perhaps Perhaps Maybe Not in Montreal. Is French. Not British.

‘That’s me told, then.’ He stepped towards the refrigerator and exposed a bottle of San Miguel then sat back off at his laptop computer. He glanced out from the screen, ship lights were shimmering from the blue-black water of this harbour basin. ‘C’mon, Miller. Think about something interesting to state. It’s what you’re expected to do for an income, for God’s benefit.’

Ted Miller: Yes, you did indeed win that one skirmish. But we kicked your arse during the Battle of Waterloo! (Winky face.)

‘Stick that in la pipeline, Ivan!’

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