My Partner’s Very First Lesbian Experience

My Partner’s Very First Lesbian Experience

Louise had constantly fantasised about being with an other woman but despite making each other come simply speaking about it, the dream was no nearer to becoming a reality. My dreams are because so many males’s, any such thing from two women to team intercourse, but i’ve always had a voyeur in me personally that will like to view Louise sex with a man or females without her knowing.

I would ike to explain Louise (Louise) 5ft 8, really sexy size 10/12, long brown hair, blue/green eyes having an amazing round ass and a little really pussy that is peachy. She actually is a extremely woman that is sexy has been ready to accept new experiences. Therefore understanding that we booked her an escort to come round and present her a therapeutic therapeutic therapeutic massage, she wouldn’t normally understand it had been something other than a true house therapeutic therapeutic therapeutic massage and would not suspect anything.

Your day regarding the therapeutic therapeutic therapeutic massage had appeared and I also had mentioned that I’d scheduled, those types of mobile massage treatments, that visited your home Louise had not been also only a little dubious

Louise asked “That is fantastic will she phone me personally I want to have before she arrives to see what type of massage”

I experienced currently prompted Shannon, the masseuse that she should phone and pre-empt the finer points for the therapeutic massage, which she did, telling Louise that she needs to have a pleasant shower with one cup of wine, relax and lie regarding the sleep nude having a towel over her bum.

While the night received nearer we had been literally shaking with adrenaline and excitement at the things I would definitely witness. We had put up the free bed room, where the sleep ended up being situated in the left associated with home across the wall and a screen reverse on the left. This designed that when Louise had her mind towards the top of the sleep I would personally manage to see the majority of her human body without her seeing me personally into the hallway.

We went upstairs at 7pm and ran a shower for Louise to relax in, put one glass of dry white in the relative part and a towel from the train. Louise slipped in to the shower and sipped her wine of which point home bell rang, we almost stopped respiration, exactly just just how exciting as well as frightening it was. I experienced perhaps not yet seen Shannon, although some images had been seen by me on her behalf web site.

We transpired stairs, knees just a little wobbly with adrenaline and nerves, and launched the entry way. “hello Sam” said this really sweet dark haired woman, wow she actually is lovely, about 26yrs old, long dark locks and size 8/10. We moved to the lounge and shut the hinged door, “Is everything alright? ” she asked.

We explained that Louise was at the shower with no wiser from what we’d talked about. Shannon stated that she’d pop-up stairs and say hello, which she did and also by which time Louise ended up being out from the shower along with a rope on.

Shannon asked her to get and lie regarding the sleep and that she would definitely prepare yourself, I when you look at the mean time made down that I became likely to view the match when you look at the lounge and also to have some fun.

We took place stairs and quietly shot to popularity my garments and climbed the stairs gradually in nearly silence, when towards the top of the stairs We switched just a little towards the left and peering through the home method could see Louise’s nude feet and also the the surface of the white completely towel which was addressing her bum, but only. I became becoming stimulated in the same way Shannon showed up through the restroom in a black colored silk slide, and WOW just what a human anatomy, she place her little finger to her lips and motioned for me personally to stay quiet and slipped past me personally, cleaning her bum against my solidifying cock, We knew this could be good.

When Shannon was at the sack with Louise she asked her if she would like oil or energy, she choose oil and also the therapeutic massage started in very similar means all massage treatments do, along with her rubbing oil gradually into Louise’s straight back, she began only a little small speak to place Louise relaxed and informed her that she didn’t have numerous customers but liked the people she had.

Shannon proceeded to gradually rub and massage oil into Louise’s as well as whenever she had determined she got up on the bed and straddled her just below her bum, all the time rubbing up and down her back in a slow writhing motion, “is this ok” Shannon asked to which Louise replied with a faint moan that she was at ease. Shannon then asked the million buck concern “Louise is it alright to get rid of the towel? “. Silence

“Yes” (although only a little sheepish). Shannon reached down and slid the towel down over her bum, down her feet and left it by the end for the sleep, i really could see her taking a look at Louise’s voluptuous round bum by having a glint inside her attention and a sensual laugh, She has also been conscious that Shannon had absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing on under her silk slide and each now after which her pussy would gently touch her bum.

Shannon then endured beside the bed and started caressing her legs, first only her calves down seriously to her feet, then moving as much as the relative backs of her knees after which to caress her legs which produced a really peaceful, but defined groan from Louise, “is that nice” Shannon asked “mmm yes ” Louise responded.

Shannon started to carefully glide over her bum in little light sweeps of her hands, enhancing the stress with every swing, until, together with her respiration increasing she had been touching her bum in an absolute intimate manor and starting to get fired up herself.

“You are able to turn over now” Shannon stated along with the Louise switched over, exposing her pert 34C breasts and nicely trimmed pussy, Shannon started caressing her legs lengthening her shots every time me when she reached to just under her breasts, I was playing with my now rock hard cock and was almost ready to cum, Shannon was looking at her breasts wondering weather to go that step further until she was going past her pussy and up to her tummy, being careful not to touch her sweet mound, Shannon looked over to?

We motioned on her behalf to touch Louise’s breasts, she began gradually by stroking around each breast gradually with increasing passion, I quickly saw Shannon fit her breast and touch her nipple which had been very difficult, Louise discrete a moan of enjoyment, very nearly providing her the green light to continue further.

Shannon kept caressing her remaining breast and also at the time that is same her hand gradually, extremely gradually slip down her belly, down her right thigh, then within the inside of her thigh, Louise parted her feet with eagerness. In the time that is same bent down and took Louise’s right nipple inside her lips, flicking her tongue over each breast, Louise discrete a lot moan, Shannon brought her hand as much as her pussy “is that okay” she whispered “yes actually ok” Louise said.

She bent over Louise sucking and kissing her nipples and breasts, trailing her locks around them, she began playing with her clit flicking over it and then applying pressure on it and then just as she was about to cum, she put two fingers into her dripping wet pussy, this was as much as I could take and in a massive wave I came harder than I have ever cum before, as if on queue Louise uttered “you are going to make me cum”, her breathing getting faster, her body twitching “uhhh oh god keep doing that, I’m coming” Shannon kept on sucking her nipples and playing with her pussy until she could stand no more and in one last wave of ecstasy came all over her fingers and hand over them and licking.

Shannon remained for the full moment or two after which stated she’d leave her to flake out, we met her standing into the hallway on her behalf method to the restroom; she seemed hot, actually switched on. I happened to be nevertheless nude and extremely difficult along with cum all over my cock, she failed to state an expressed term, she simply knelt down and took my cock in her own mouth, drawing most of the cum of my cock, drawing every fall away from me personally, swallowing the whole thing, We arrived once more within a few minutes filling her lips, she then got up cum on her behalf chin and decided to go to get changed.

Just What an night.

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