The needs are many:

DRUG TREATMENT: Paco, the drug of choice, is cheap and widely available. It is also extremely damaging to the user. We are hard at work hoping to open our drug treatment facility ASAP.

PRE-SCHOOL: When kids reach age 3, if they are lucky, they move on to one of the few pre-schools in the area. The City Department of Education has asked us to open a pre-school and they will provide all the instructional personnel, food, and adjunct services. We need your help to make this a reality.

SAFE HOUSE: A safe house is needed for battered women in the community. Without adequate police, the problem is endemic.

JOB TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CENTER: Vocational training will lift the marginally educated to the ranks of work-ready prospects. And we already have willing employers. Better preparation leads to better futures for parents and their children.

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