Friends of Ciudad Oculta pledges to all donors:

  • 100% of all donations will continue to go toward operational costs of Sueñitos
  • All administration and management for the project will continue to be donated
  • Use of all donations will continue to be tracked and reviewed for effectiveness
  • We will continue to draw upon the experience of our co-founders with drug treatment centers and rural schools

Many Americans, even those of relatively modest means, have the desire to help those in desperate need in places like Ciudad Oculta. But most of us have the same questions: how do we make sure that we direct our resources to projects with greatest impact and with certainty that the money will be used for maximum good? We have structured Sueñitos and Friends of Ciudad Oculta with the right answers to these questions in mind — both for ourselves and for all those who have similar concerns and care to help. We see Sueñitos as a way of giving hope to those whose ability to dream has been lost.

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